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Real-time, live video analysis

Oddity's violence detection algorithm is based on the newest available artificial intelligence techniques. By using machine and deep learning, we are able to perform real-time analysis on live video footage. We train our algorithm by feeding it two types of datasets:

  • One dataset contains "normal" behavior, which means the dataset does not contain incidents you want to register.
  • The second dataset contains the anomalies (oddities) you aim to detect during analysis.

The first oddity we added to our algorithm to recognize is violence. Several organizations were interested in pro-actively receiving alerts when violence occured on one of their video streams. In order to send those alerts, we have integrations with several widely used video management systems (VMSs) like Genetec and Milestone. We are welcoming integration with multiple video management systems, let us know which one you are using.

Learn more about the impact of accurately recognising violence in the public domain (Dutch).

Oddity alerts you when something is happening.
Your own dashboard.

We understand that your data is your data only

For some organizations it is imperative to keep data on-premises. Video surveillance has to adhere to several privacy laws (Dutch). However, you still want to detect violent behavior and other oddities as soon as they occur. Our software solution actually provides more privacy considering how it is applied. By hooking up our early-warning system to your camera network, surveillance personnel are only actively alerted when an anomaly occurs. Although your organization continues to put operators in the room, privacy intrusion is reduced to a minimum.

Read more about how Oddity can help you to ensure privacy-proof surveillance systems.


We have two types of deployment, either (1) on-premise or (2) in the cloud.

  • On-premise: we have a specific deployment strategy that adheres to privacy and/or government regulations for your organization. When data can not leave the physical location, we deploy on-premise. We have developed a server which is able to process all your live camera feeds real-time, on location. This is our customers' preferred deployment method as it is privacy-proof and less expensive.
  • In the cloud: when you provide us with a live video feed, we are able to analyze your video’s real-time and provide the results in your own configured VMS environment. Instant, real-time notifications with the footage containing the incident attached are presented here. Operating in the cloud is more resource intesive but allows for greater flexibility.

Learn more about our on-premises and cloud-based deployment options.

The surveillance room.

Oddity's systems are designed to be scalable.

Video Content Analysis vs. Deep Learning

Traditional methods use rule-based solutions to analyze surveillance feeds. Our algorithm uses deep learning and improves itself over time.

Methods such as Video Content Analysis (VCA) automatically analyze video footage to detect and determine temporal and spatial effects. Widely-used applications of VCA are line-crossing, people counting and loitering. Such solutions are not "smart" in the sense that they are rule-based rather than self learning.

The applications for deep learning have rapidly evolved in the last couple of years and new techniques are published every day. Just recently, deep learning models have become cost-efficient to apply in your organization due to the decreasing price of powerful GPUs. Our deep learning models are trained to analyze and detect unique situations and emit alerts in real-time.


Machine learning has been making great strides over the past few years and has unlocked many possibilities. We believe that this technology is not only for large companies or academic institutions; it’s for everybody. We would like to share the extensive AI knowledge of our team of highly skilled AI experts. AI is more than just hype and has the potential to reshape entire markets. AI is a multi-trillion dollar market, which means it can be of significant importance to your company.

Our team consists of young and driven people that believe in the future of AI. Does your company lack an AI strategy, awareness about AI capabilities, or AI talent in your organization? Then we are here to help you with our AI consultancy services. Contact us if you need assistance with your AI project, or if you simply want to explore the possibilities. We are here to help you kickstart your AI project.

Oddity offers consultancy services.