Video Surveillance Support

Let Oddity help you monitor surveillance feeds.

Supporting your staff

We know that monitoring surveillance cameras is a difficult job. When your organisation has hundreds of security cameras in place, it can quickly become overwhelming. Oddity does not aim to replace the jobs of humans, but support them. Our deep learning system finds and tags interesting situations and brings them to the attention of your personnel, so they can take a look at it right away.

In the Surveillance Room

Oddity integrates with your existing infrastructure. Just hook up our systems and start receiving alarms for suspicious events right away. You don’t have to change your current workflow in any way. Oddity is here to hel.

Oddity is an extension to your surveillance center.

From Reactive to Proactive

Do you find yourself often investigating past incidents? Do you miss important events that have happened on your cameras? That is exactly the type of problem we want to solve. Oddity chooses the camera feeds that show anomalous events and brings them to the attention of your security center. Your trained staff can respond quickly. This way, you are not only reacting on past incidents, but proactively securing your organisations’ public domain.