Your Data

We understand that your data is your data only.

Keep your video feeds on your own network.

For some organisations, it is essential to keep data within their own ecosystem.


In some scenarios, video surveillance must be kept to a minimum to adhere privacy laws. You still want to detect violent behavior and other anomalies as soon as they occur. Our system can operate as a content guard. By hooking up the early-warning system to your camera network, actual surveillance personnel is only shown the video feed when the system detects something out of the ordinary. This way, privacy is guaranteed!

Read more about how Oddity can help you to ensure privacy-proof surveillance systems.

Personalized Insights

If you provide us with a live feed, we are able to analyse it through the cloud and provide the results on a personalised dashboard. Instant, real-time notifications are the result of our specialised cloud-infrastructure. With this particular solution, having video surveillance systems in place at different locations is no obstacle. All the video feeds are analysed simultaneously and feedback is provided in a general dashboard. Notifications relevant for specific locations because of potential anomalies are delivered to devices at your choosing. For instance, through mobile notifications, e-mail updates and computer warnings. Just let us know how we can support you to monitor your interests more effectively.

Your own dashboard.