The future of safety

Oddity is developing the future of safety by detecting high impact crimes on live video footage. Our algorithm seamlessly integrates with technology in observation centers and is trusted by municipalities, law enforcement and private security companies.

Smart & efficient surveillance

Our algorithm monitors video feeds in real time and alerts security personnel of violent incidents, car crashes, perimeter breach, or other incidents. Up to thousands of feeds at once, with a detection speed of less than half a second.

incident detected in

Less than0.5s

Privacy by design

Data does not get more sensitive than in the security domain. We built right on top of this principle. Our algorithms analyze subjects in full anonymity, they function standalone and deploy on premise. Your data stays in your hands.

anonymous analysis

anonymous analysis

100% on premise

100% on premise

Proactive surveillance

Our algorithm monitors your video feeds in real time and alerts your security personnel only when necessary.

Illustration of Oddity's algorithms

High impact incidents are detected almost instantly. This allows you to react to incidents extremely quickly. This is 5x faster than competitors.

incident detected in

Less than0.5s


simultaneously video feeds

Scale up to thousands of video feeds. Our software can monitor large amounts of video feeds simultaneously.

Seamlessly integrate with your VMS and keep using your current cameras. This means fast deployment and no learning curve for your personnel.

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more incidents caught

Our customers catch 4x more incidents when assisted by our algorithms. We achieve superhuman performance by doing cutting edge deep learning research in-house.

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