The future of safety

At, we are leading the way in shaping the future of safety through the detection of high impact crimes on live video footage. Our advanced algorithm seamlessly integrates with observation center technology, earning the trust of law enforcement agencies, detention centers, cities, and numerous other entities.

Smart & efficient surveillance

Our cutting-edge algorithm continuously monitors real-time video feeds, instantly alerting security personnel to violent incidents, perimeter breaches, and other critical events. It effortlessly handles thousands of feeds simultaneously, delivering lightning-fast detection in under half a second.

incident detected in

Less than0.5s

Effective in low-light conditions. Our algorithm is adapted to various lighting and weather conditions.

Accurate at long distances. Our software can detect violence at low pixel density.

Proactive surveillance

Our algorithm continuously monitors your video feeds in real time and only sends alerts to your security personnel when necessary..

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Do not let incidents go undetected. Trust to keep your premises safe and secure. Our advanced algorithms detect incidents on your video feeds in less than half a second.

incident detected in

Less than0.5s


simultaneously video feeds scales up to thousands of streams. Our software monitors these feeds simultaneously. seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure for easy deployment. This means fast deployment and no learning curve for your personnel.

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Privacy by design

We prioritize the security and protection of sensitive data and adhere to the highest standards to protect it. Our algorithms are designed to analyze subjects anonymously, and they operate independently while being deployed on premise. This means that your data remains in your control and is not shared with any external parties.

anonymous analysis

anonymous analysis

100% on premise

100% on premise

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Our customers catch 4x more incidents when assisted by our algorithms. We achieve superhuman performance by doing cutting edge deep learning research in-house.