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Oddity improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your video surveillance center drastically. Through smart surveillance, we make cities, events and properties safer than ever before.

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Proactive surveillance

Our algorithm monitors your video feeds in real time and alerts your security personnel only when necessary.

Illustration of Oddity's algorithms

Violence is detected almost instantly. This allows you to react to incidents extremely quickly. This is 5x faster than competitors.

violence detected in

Less than0.5s


simultaneously video feeds

Scale up to thousands of video feeds. Our software can monitor large amounts of video feeds simultaneously.

Seamlessly integrate with your VMS and keep using your current cameras. This means fast deployment and no learning curve for your personnel.

Genetec Milestone

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Our algorithms are faster and more accurate than human personnel by using cutting-edge scientific insights.

Our customers register 4x more incidents than before they started using our algorithm.


more incidents caught

Illustration of automatically improving algorithms

Always and automatically improving. Our algoritms are based on deep learning. They get better and better the more you use them.

Based on innovative scientific research insights. We developed our behavioral analysis technology at a research university.

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Privacy and data

Privacy is of utmost importance in the security domain. We built right on top of this principle.

Illustration of anonymity

Our behavior analysis is completely anonymous. We do not recognize faces, match identities or track people.

Anonymous analysis

anonymous analysis

100% on premise

on premise

Our algorithm can be deployed on premise. This way your data does not leave your network.

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