Our services

Most machine learning models never make it to production. Bringing AI from experiment to the real world is hard. With years of experience, Oddity is uniquely equipped to deploy machine learning in production.


On-premise AI in production

Many enterprises are leveraging AI in the cloud. However, for a vast majority of AI applications, safeguarding customer data is imperative. As a result, transmitting data to the cloud is not a viable option. Oddity's deployment experts specialize in building, configuring, and setting up on-premise servers tailored for on-premise use. With our proprietary real-time inference engine, we ensure years of uninterrupted service without the need for manual oversight. Most importantly, your data always remains on your site.


Video AI development

Oddity has years of experience developing AI models for video analysis. We are well aware of the unique challenges of building video AI models. Our experience in the field, and our in-house tooling and infrastructure enables us to develop new video AI systems rapidly.


Real-time computer vision

Applying AI on real-time video data is a challenging problem. To be able to keep up with the incoming flow of data, the AI system needs to operate on the millisecond scale. Many AI teams can build and refine working models. However, transitioning these models into production-ready systems presents distinct challenges. Oddity has a proven track record of constructing and deploying real-time AI systems for our customers.